James' Blog: USA here I come

In just a few short days I jet off to the USA for the US Olympic Strength & Conditioning conference and my excitement levels are definitely rising! This excitement is also tinged with some nervous excitement as its quite intimidating  just who ill be rubbing shoulders with next week.  My trip will see me depart Auckland late on Tuesday night, arriving in Los Angeles 8 hours before I left.

It's currently 30 degree in the States so the short afternoon break I have there will be spent replenishing my vitamin D by the hotel pool.

On the Wednesday morning I fly into Colorado springs which is situated about 40 minutes north of Denver. Colorado Springs has the same population as Christchurch except it has four universities and numerous other tertiary institutions. It’s a mecca for students who flock there from out of state to be a part of the action.

When I arrive at the Olympic Training Centre I'll be allocated my twin share dorm room (designed by Hilton no less) and I'll find out who my roomie is. I'm hoping it will be one of the NFL S&C's, or one of the big US sporting codes. For some reason I've always been inspired by US Strength coaches as they produce some exceptional athletes and are always at the forefront of their field.

I'll spend the afternoon wandering the 35 acres of campus they have there dedicated to their athletes just to take in the share enormity of the facilities. I will also get into the 36,000 square foot gym and lift some weights and I'm excited that there will be US Olympians on site who will be going about their day to day training while I'm there.

Thursday Morning the conference starts and it's very interactive so a great chance to make some strong connections with S&Cs from around the world. My next blog will update everyone on my first day there and hopefully news that the Oakland Raiders will be heading to the Sport and Rugby Institute next year …. (dream big!)