Howdy y'all from the US of A

Howdy y'all from the US of A.

After a good night sleep in LA I caught the 7am flight to Colorado Springs. I was met by Shelly, a lovely lady who collects athletes and staff that stay at the USOC base. She proved to be a great tour guide and told me about the city and surround features.

For me it was amazing seeing the sheer size of the building projects going on in CS with subdivisions going up in every single direction possible. The city is flanked to the east by the Rockies which makes for some spectacular views. The city sits 6500 ft above sea level so it's quite common to be short of breath just climbing a set of stairs. It was interesting driving past the velodrome which was complexly covered in what looked like a shrink wrapped dome. Once it's summer time they simply lift this off and it's good to go. 

Coming from Palmy I'm fairly used to temperature swings but Colorado Springs has us well and truly beat. I arrived into 22C of beautiful sunshine, however a cold front is expected tomorrow with the temperature set to drop to 8C followed by  -2 overnight and snow! 


On arrival at the USOC training base I've immediately been inspired. There are athletes everywhere with a large number of wrestlers, boxers and swimmers currently staying on site. There is also a huge number of paralympic athletes training here so I'm sure I'll meet some really inspiration athletes during my stay.

You are issued with a photo ID and lead over to the dorms where we are paired with a room mate who is also attending the conference. My 'roomie' is a US Olympic strength Coach who's also the head strength and conditioning coach for the USA women's 7s team. On our bed we have been issued Nike Olympic back packs with a few goodies such as shakers and drink bottles.

I've already paid the dining room visit and had lunch with a number of athletes. All the good food is free and there are four chefs at your beckoning call.

After lunch I dropped in to gymnastics training base for a quick visit and then the strength and conditioning gym...... It's such an incredible set up with no expense spared on set up. Every weight and exercise machine, rack, sled etc is there. Three seperate cardio stations with one looking out to the snow capped Rockies. Above the gym is a four lane athletics track- why? Because they can! 

The conference kicks off tomorrow and there are three 'breakout' sessions per day. We've been allocated into 20 different tables of five for these interactive sessions and will have different S&Cs each time. I've seen tomorrow afternoon I have the Portland trail blazers NBA S&C with me so it will be great to have some good discussions with him.

I'm off to lift a few weights now and kill some time before my mate Ant Sharp from New Zealand cricket arrives. It's strange that I feel like a little kid the night before Christmas, and with snow forecast it might just feel like a white Christmas!